Wholesale Artist Supplies in Birmingham

As an art supplier you are certainly aware that there are hundreds of different artists brushes available. The type of brush an artist chooses is influenced by their painting style and choice of medium. Different brush styles and the variations of bristle fibres used, not to mention handle length and material, makes for an incredibly diverse range on offer.

Most beginners will want to visit an artist supplies store when choosing a selection of brushes just so they have a greater awareness of exactly what is on offer. If you are new to the industry we would suggest you do the same by coming along to our showroom to get a feeling for the range and various qualities of the brushes we supply. That way you get to handle the brushes and assess the coarseness of the various bristle types from the super soft sable watercolour brushes to coarse hog hair for oil painting.

With over ninety years in the artist supplies industry we can answer all your questions and ensure that your customers will find what they need for a price that they’ll love.

wholesale artist suppliesAE Southgate, providing top quality wholesale artist supplies and more for over ninety years. Download our free artist supplies catalogue and let AE Southgate provide all your trade and wholesale artist supplies.