Traditional Janitorial Supplies

If you are looking for a trade or wholesale supplier of janitorial supplies in the Midlands, then Birmingham’s A.E. Southgate Ltd ought to be right at the top of your list.

In an industry where time is money, top quality tools help ensure that work is carried out efficiently and to the highest standards. So, whether you are looking for brooms, mops or brush ware, everything is available from our warehouse- with next day delivery available on special request. 

Given our large range of traditional janitorial supplies, we can supply what might be described as “tailor-made” equipment for “off the peg” prices. For example, in need of a broom? We have widths ranging from 10 inches to three feet, all with soft, medium or coarse bristles (in natural or synthetic fibres), and in three different handle lengths. 

Not only that, we also stock hard to find brushes like jamb dusters, plus five different types of banister brushes, and don’t forget that we also sell the basics, such as dusters, floor cloths, scourers and sponges too. So, whether you’re a cleaning company or perhaps a retailer, we should be able to provide you with just about everything you’ll need.

And don’t forget, there is 10% off that first order! 

Download our free catalogue today by completing the form HERE or just give us a call on 01675 463096 to see how the team at A. E. Southgate Ltd could help provide your business with all its janitorial supplies.