It’s Time for the Seasonal Clean Up…

Janitorial supplies may not be the first thing you think of at this time of year, but even though it’s soon ‘the season to be jolly’, it’s also time for that pre-Christmas clean up – inside and out!

Before the holiday chaos commences and it suddenly becomes “open house” for friends and family to descend upon us, now is the time to roll up sleeves and get everything “ship shape”. For businesses, it’s time to task somebody to rake up the fallen leaves and sweep those paths, whilst back at home, maybe create a compost heap or bag it all up before the garden disappears under a blanket of snow!

A.E.Southgate can help, not only with garden tools, yard brooms and rubbish sacks, snow shovels and gloves (to both protect your hands and keep them warm at the same time), but also with that big clean up inside your home too. Our range of brush ware, dusters, floor cloths, brooms and brushes will help make short work of this unenviable task, giving you more time to blitz the bedrooms and make those tough decisions as to what from the toy cupboard will have to go to make way for what Santa brings.

Of course, outgrown toys may still have plenty of life left in them, in which case and especially at this time of year, any local charity shops or children’s homes are always on the lookout for any good quality toys and games, so share the fun and even do your bit to reduce landfill at the same time!

A.E.Southgate Limited can deliver all your janitorial supplies from our Birmingham warehouse.

Be sure to check out our comprehensive brushware catalogue available to download for free by clicking HERE, or alternatively just call us on 01675 463096 and we’ll be more than happy to help.