Spring cleaning – we have you covered!

When people talk about spring cleaning, they are usually referring to the thorough cleaning of their house and/or business premises.

Whether it’s removing everything from cupboards, dusting the darkest recesses and/or finally throwing open the windows and letting the fresh air flow through for the first time since winter took hold, it heralds the onset of spring – hopefully!

The spring clean has many cultural and religious roots, with many cultures having their own seemingly valid claim to the original ‘ownership’ of this annual ritual. 

Whether it’s the custom of cleaning the house from top to bottom to ‘sweep away’ the bad luck and misfortune that has accumulated through the past year or the ‘shaking of the house’ to enable spring to start, or perhaps even some other ritualised basis, no one can really be sure of its true origins.

The fact remains that the onset of spring is generally considered to be a great time to have a thorough “clean sweep”!

With that in mind, with our range of janitorial supplies, A.E.Southgate can supply everything you and your customers will need for their spring clean, whether it’s for the home, office, or factory.

Our brush ware, brooms, mops, and dusters will make short work of any task ahead. Download our brochure HERE or alternatively telephone our team here at A. E. Southgate, Birmingham on 01675 463096 and will be delighted to help.