Painting Fibreglass

When it comes to painting fibreglass most peoples first thought is to grab the spraygun, but if it’s just a one off job it’s a lot of expense to go to. What you may not realise is that you can get professional looking results, (indistinguishable from spraying if you take the time to practice) using a roller and brush. The techniques used however, and the brush and roller for that matter, is a little different from traditional painting.

Painting fibreglass requires what is known as the “roll and tip” technique. You apply the paint with a roller and then immediately lay off, or “tip” with a fine bristle or foam brush. More good news, using the “roll and tip” method requires less coats than spraying and the dreaded clean up is easier too. The roller used must be solvent resistant and you can get that and all the other necessary equipment from us at A E Southgate.

Start with the roller and apply paint in sections making sure your brush is close at hand. The roller is great at getting good even coverage in a fast time, the brush is use to smooth off for a fine smooth, glossy finish. ‘Tip’ the roller applied paint as soon as possible holding the brush at a forty five degree angle and using very little pressure, rember, apply paint in small sections and “tip’ immediately. You’ll need solvent for the clean up, and do it straight away, don’t just wrap the roller and brush in cling film and think you’ll clean it up later, we both know you won’t!