Paint Brushes and Rollers for the Fibreglass Trade

The fibreglass trade has it’s own special requirements when it comes to paint brushes and rollers. AE Southgate carry a range of thermofused paint rollers, using heat to bond the rollers fabric to it’s core rather than glue as used in the manufacturing process for conventional paint rollers. The strong solvents used to clean off the specialist fibreglass paints quickly destroy traditional adhesives rendering the roller useless over a short period of time.

These rollers come in a variety of sizes, materials and pile lengths. We have simulated sheepskin covers in short, medium and long pile, mo-pile and widths from 2.5” right up to 9”. Sleeves are available separately or complete with handle.

T’o complete the roll and tip paint application of reinforced plastics we stock a range of ‘tipping’ brushes. Thee are available in 100% white bristle with a choice of plastic or wooden handles in a large range of sizes from 1/2” up to 6” in width.

Words and even pictures can never fully show the quality of our brushes and rollers. So why not visit our showroom and experience the quality of our products for yourself and while you are here ask about our range of painting accessories like dust sheets, masking tape and abrasives.

paint brushes and rollers for the fibreglass tradeAE Southgate, providing top quality wholesale paintbrushes and more for over ninety years. Download our free catalogue showing our range of paint brushes and rollers for the fibreglass trade and let AE Southgate provide all your trade and wholesale paintbrushes and rollers.