Out with the novelty and in with the practical this Christmas!

It’s that annual Christmas quandary; what do we get for […fill in name here…]?

With a plethora of overpriced gift sets and ‘hilarious’ novelty items available online and on the high street, it’s possible to waste hard earned cash on items that raise a smile upon opening but are then either swiftly re-gifted or simply thrown away.

In these cases, a practical approach to present buying might not be quite so much fun for the buyer, but may ultimately be more appreciated by the recipient.

For instance, a keen gardener might prefer a razor-sharp pair of secateurs to some random character socks and some smellies. A budding artist can never really have enough quality artist paint brushes, and for those who love a bit of D.I.Y, something for their toolkit will surely be very much appreciated.

So when present buying, carefully thought out and practical gifts based around the recipient’s hobby tend to have a greater lifespan and usefulness. A word of warning though, cleaning equipment is rarely deemed an acceptable gift so tread carefully!

That said, we all need all the help can get with the chores around Christmas time, so it’s always a great time to stock up on dishcloths, mops, and scourers etc.

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