Keep on Rolling!

The humble paint roller, load it up with paint and “whizz” it over the walls, quick and simple.

However, there is a bit more to paint rollers than you might think, and while everyone is aware that paint brushes come in thousands of styles and sizes many assume that a paint roller is quite a standardised thing.

There are many types of paint roller available, with seemingly infinite variations in size, material and handle type. Deciding upon the right roller for a job is critical to the quality of the finish that will be achieved.

The selection of the paint roller is governed by several factors, the size of the area to be covered, the type of paint being used, the surface to be painted and the type of finish required.

Generally speaking, paint rollers are made up of two main parts. The handle and sleeve holder (often a ‘cage’) and the sleeve or cover. While there are a few different styles of handle, it is the sleeve that has the most variations available. The material used can be natural or synthetic and the length of the fibre, or ‘nap’ has a huge effect on the type of finish it produces. The shorter the nap the finer the finish, where as a longer nap will hold more paint and cover rougher surfaces.

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