Janitorial Supplies for Inside AND Out in Birmingham!

Spring has sprung and we just may be able to help you and/or your business get to grips with that.

More specifically, whilst you’re probably aware of our incredible range of brush ware and cleaning supplies for interiors, you may not be aware that we also stock many of the items that you or your staff may need to make an outside area (whether that be home or office) spick and span too.

For example, to ensure protection whilst performing everyone’s least favourite task, we stock a wide range of ‘stinging nettle proof’ gloves and furthermore, our excellent yard brooms make short work of any surrounding paths or areas of hard standing.

On the home front, why not give a favourite spade or fork a new lease of life with a new wooden handle, or if you’re really “going to town” then we’ve got handles for pick axes, felling axes , sledge hammers and other items too.

And while we’re on a roll, if you’ve got any decking, one of our traditional deck scrubbers is just so much kinder on the knees!

Right, with the grounds or the garden taken care of, it’s time to consider the outside decor. For that, we have a wide range of exterior paint rollers and brushes, shave hooks, wire brushes and abrasives to tackle all those exterior paint jobs, from preparation right through to the final brush stroke, so as you can now see, AE Southgate’s range of janitorial supplies has got you and your business covered from start to finish.

You can view our comprehensive range of janitorial supplies in our brushware catalogue (which is free to download HERE) or alternatively, just call 01675 463096 and we’ll be delighted to help.