Janitorial Supplies in Birmingham – Brooms

A broom is one of the most basic cleaning tools that is available in almost every household. Simply saying I need a broom is akin to saying I need a car, there are many different types available, and no single broom will do every task. Your choice will be based on the type of surface you intend to use it on as well as the size of debris you will be sweeping up, add to that a pinch of personal preference personal and you soon start to see that it is not always a simple choice.

In terms of size brooms are available in a massive range from the huge industrial type sweepers to your common or garden household brooms. Materials used for broom construction can be either natural or synthetic, each of which has advantages in certain situations. Although the choice may at first appear somewhat daunting you can rest assured that because of the sheer amount of variations available you will find the the right broom for the job.

Such a basic concept, remember they were supposedly developed from a bunch of twigs tied to the end of a branch, it is quite surprising to see the vast array of styles that are available. Most indoor brooms have densely packed synthetic bristles and are often versatile to lift fine dust particles as well as coarser debris found in the home.

Synthetic fibres have the advantage of being quick drying so can be washed and ready to use again in no time. A useful tip for an indoor broom is to look for one that has split fibres at the end of the bristles as this allows it to pick up much finer dust particles than would otherwise be possible. A whisk style broom along with a dust pan is a useful edition as it makes light work of picking up the pile of dust and debris that you have swept up with your main broom.

Natural fibre brooms tend to be a better choice for larger debris and are equally at home outdoors on pathways and patios.

Broom handles are made from either wood, plastic or metal tubing and come in a variety of lengths. Most handles now screw into place a can be replaced easily when broken. Hence the old joke, “my Grandad had the same broom for over 50 years, 9 new handles and 12 new heads!”

A push broom is more of an industrial strength solution, available up to a gigantic 5 foot in width, they make short work of sweeping large areas like garage floors or commercial premises.

We have only really touched upon the tip of the iceberg here. To find out more about our janitorial supplies and range of brooms either call us today or fill out the form on the front page and download a copy of our catalogue.