Janitorial Supplies in Birmingham

When it comes to janitorial supplies, having the right tools can make a huge difference to the quality of the finished job and the ease with which it is carried out.

Traditional Janitorial Supplies, Birmingham

Take for example our traditional range of jamb dusters, available in natural or synthetic bristle with a polished wooden stock, then there are five different types of banister brush to choose from so you are bound to find the one that suits you.

We have a broom for every job you could imagine from 10” wide to a monster 36” with many different types of bristle to choose from. Even our broom handles come in a choice of three lengths so you can choose every aspect to make up the perfect broom.

When it comes to mops you can choose from three sizes of traditional cotton mops, the ‘dishcloth style” synthetic strip mop or the sponge “squeeze” floor mop head depending on your preference. We also stock mop buckets and handles.

We have a range of sponges and scourers plus cloths and dusters from traditional yellow dusters to hardwearing floor cloths, disposable dusters and sponge cloths. We also stock a range of brush ware that is second to none, including scrubbing brushes, laundry brushes, dish brushes and too many more to mention.

Janitorial Supplies for over 90 years

Our warehouse is in the Coleshill area of Birmingham, and we welcome visitors. Come and check out the quality of our janitorial supplies and take them home the same day. At AE Southgate you will get the janitorial supplies you need, together with a level of service only available from a company with over 90 years in the business.

Why not download our free janitorial supplies catalogue and call us today 01675 463096 to see how AE Southgate can provide all your janitorial supplies.