How to choose the right paint roller

Whether you opt to paint with a brush or with a roller all depends on the size of the area that you are painting. For large, relatively flat areas, a roller is a great tool, however, you will almost certainly need a brush too, even if it’s just for “cutting in”.

With such a huge range of rollers to choose from, picking the right one for the job could be a little overwhelming, so we’ve set out a few tips below:

An overview

There are two parts to the paint roller; the sleeve and the frame. The sleeve is the outer layer which is dipped into the paint and the frame contains the handle and spindle which the sleeve covers. 

Paint rollers come in a diverse range of sizes from 9cm right up to a whopping 45cm wide. As a rule of thumb, the larger the surface to be painted, the wider the roller.

Natural or synthetic sleeve?

Sleeves can be covered in either natural (wool) or synthetic fibres, and the length of those fibres, (referred to as the nap) can vary considerably. The length of the nap required is dependant on how smooth the surface to be painted is; a pristine plastered wall would require a short nap and a textured surface a longer nap.

Additionally, rollers with synthetically covered sleeves are best for oil-based paints, whilst lamb’s wool is an ideal choice for emulsion. Mohair is a great all rounder and can be used with gloss and oil based paints as well as emulsion.

We are here to help

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