Extraordinary Service for Everyday Brush Ware

Brush ware; who’d of thought two little words could cover such a huge amount of products! From the kitchen, all the way through to the garden, brush ware can be found throughout both the home and workplace.

When it comes to janitorial supplies brushes play a huge role. For example, brooms alone have many variations in bristle type from the softest bristles for a wooden floor to yard brooms for outdoor use, but whether it’s a simple dustpan and brush or perhaps a super soft brush to tackle those hard to reach nooks and crannies, we have something that will do the job.

Kitchens also tend to be home to an array of brushes. Whether it’s washing up, glazing pastry or scrubbing clean new potatoes, barely a day goes by without a brush of some kind being put into action.

Of course, whether painting walls, pasting paper or just cleaning up after a job well done, brushes are very much the tools of the trade for painters and decorators to help provide that perfect finish. Artists too rely on brushes for their creations, needing to carefully select the right tool for the job in hand, whether that be oil on canvas, watercolour on card or just good old poster paint on paper.

So it seems that brushware really does form part of our daily routine!

If you or your business are looking for a wholesale or trade supplier with an incredible range of brush ware, look no further than A.E. Southgate Limited of Coleshill, Birmingham – with over 95 years in the trade, you’ll be in safe hands.

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