Decorators Sundries – Preparation

Of course as suppliers of brush ware you probably are already aware that AE Southgate provide a huge range of paint rollers and brushes for all your decorating needs. Unfortunately there is a fair bit of work to do before the paint is applied, but the good news is we can help you with that too.

First you will want to cover and protect the stuff that you don’t want painted! Carpets and floor covering can be protected with our professional cotton dust sheets, and if you can’t move the furniture out the way you can cover it with one of our plastic dust sheets that are ideal for draping over tables and sofas. Other surfaces such as skirtings and door frames can be shielded with masking tape, a low tak masking tape would be the best choice as it won’t remove any of the existing paint when removed.

Paint adheres much better to a clean surface so use one of sponges to wash down with a solution of warm water and sugar soap to remove dust and grease.

You’ll want to fill any holes or imperfections with an all purpose filler, applied with a filling knife (both of which are always held in stock) and then sand to a perfectly smooth finish using our range of abrasives.

decorators tools and sundriesA perfect job starts with perfect preparation, and you’ll find everything you need at AE Southgate. Download our free catalogue to see our full range of decorators tools and sundries and let AE Southgate provide all your trade and wholesale equipment.