Decorators brushes – making the right choice…

For some, choosing the right artist brush might seem like some sort of “dark art”; an incredibly complex process which takes account of the medium being used, the substrate being painted, the size of the area, and the overall effect that is required.  

By contrast, choosing decorating brushes should be pretty straightforward; you just go and buy a pack! As with many things, it’s not quite that simple. In this case, the choice of brush is a key factor in both the quality of the final finish and ease of application.

Aside from the massive choice of sizes, the biggest issue is the bristle type. More often than not the aim is to achieve a smooth, flat finish, devoid of brush marks, but because water-based paints are very quick drying, and using a natural bristle brush that absorbs water can make it very difficult to get a flat, brush mark free result. 

A good quality synthetic bristled brush, however, is both non-absorbent as well as having a very fine tip, qualities which allow an experienced painter to achieve a near flawless finish.

If synthetic bristles are the choice for water-based paints, then the opposite is true when it comes to those that are oil based. The incredible loading properties of natural bristles allow a good flow of paint, with less stopping and starting to load the brush.

Of course, we should mention paint rollers too! If you do decide to use a roller, you are most probably also going to need a brush or two for “cutting in”, so bear that in mind.

Whether you end up choosing natural or synthetic filaments, one thing remains the same, you get what you pay for, so buy the very best that your budget allows for and you won’t go far wrong. 

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