Choosing a New Paint Roller

For those businesses whose customers are considering painting larger areas, we thought we would include some pointers to be considered when choosing the right paint roller.

Most rollers are made up of two parts, the handle and the sleeve. Handle choice comes down to personal preference between wood or plastic; users can also consider purchasing an extension pole or telescopic handle.

Here at A.E. Southgate Limited, we also believe that choosing the correct sleeve is critical which itself is dependent on the following:

Foam sleeves are useful for applications such as priming and undercoating, whereas specialist sleeves are great for applying varnishes and lacquers. The general rule is the smoother the surface the shorter the nap required, and the shorter the nap the finer the finish. For example, when working outside, exterior rollers will need a longer nap allowing them to cover rougher surfaces like render and brickwork. 

The material the sleeve is made from is also a consideration. Synthetic roller sleeves are great for applying acrylic based paints whilst mixed fibre cover varieties suit both oil and solvent based mediums. Roller covers made from natural fibres are, on the other hand, suitable for use with all types of paint.

A.E. Southgate Limited also supply the additional accessories that may be needed too, such as dust sheets, masking tape, paint brushes for cutting in and of course roller trays.

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