Choosing a Janitorial Supplies Provider

The cleaning services industry is a great place to be. It is one of those business sectors that is virtually recession proof. A reliable cleaning company company can keep it’s customers for a very long time providing they are reliable and thorough, therefore making sure you choose the right suppliers for your business is essential.

As much as your customers depend on your reliability, you are dependent on your suppliers reliability, it is essential that the company you purchase janitorial supplies from fulfil orders on time and communicate with you if ever a problem is foreseen.

Products should be of a consistent high quality, poor quality products will produce inferior results and your customer will put the the blame squarely on you rather than your supplier.

Choose an established supplier to do business with, you don’t want to be worrying about whether a supplier will be going out of business before they fulfil an order, that could have a huge knock on effect for your own operation. AE Southgate Ltd has been established as a wholesaler of brush ware and janitorial supplies for over eighty years, so it’s a fair assumption we are going to be there for as long as you need us! A simple credit check can help to allay any such fears.

Value for money is a big factor, but this doesn’t just mean the price, it is important to balance the ratio’s of cost to quality to reliability of service.

Lastly, if your supplier is local don’t hesitate to ask to visit their warehouse, a reputable supplier will be happy to give you a tour of their premises. If they refuse you have to ask your self why that is. At AE Southgate we welcome visitors to our show room, where you can see the quality of our products first hand and even take away your purchases that day.