Brushware – It’s All Around You

Brushware – What is it?

Brushware, kind of a strange term isn’t it? What’s the first thing that enters your mind when you hear the word brush? Hair brush, or toothbrush perhaps? The amount of different types of brushes available is simply mind boggling hence the term brush ware.

Just running through each room in the house you can probably think of two or three types of brush relevant to each, plus variations of handle and bristle type for each. For the kitchen, yes the washing up brush is the obvious choice, but how about a potato brush, or even a mushroom brush! Then you have the essential dust pan and brush for those accidental spillages and may be a nice soft bristled broom. The kitchen can be a rich source of brush ware, bottle brushes are another common example.

The bathroom again is guaranteed to hold at least two types of brush, the ever present toilet brush and toothbrush, not a good pair to get in a muddle with! You may also have a nail brush on the side of the sink too, and for those of you with a skin care routine, how about an exfoliating brush? Brushes needn’t be old school either like the increasingly rare shaving brush, how about electric toothbrushes? Into the bedroom now and we’re talking hairbrushes of various shapes and sizes, and for pet owners the clothes brush is an essential for removing those annoying cat and dog hairs.

For hallways and stairs a short angled broom with stiff bristles can be used to coax dust out of those tight corners that the vacuum cleaner can never quite reach, plus a soft bristled hand brush for dusting the top of the skirting boards. Moving outside to the garden chances are you’ll have a yard broom for sweeping paths or patio areas, and may be if a patio is not your thing perhaps a deck scrubber (a hybrid of broom and scrubbing brush) for giving timber decking the once over.

You’ve probably noticed I made a detour out to the garden cleverly avoiding the lounge or sitting room and you are most likely thinking that was purely because I couldn’t think of an item of brush ware that is relevant, and yes you are correct! I’m going to go a bit left field on this, I kind of made this brash statement at the start of the article and I can’t back out now. I’m going for the common decorators paint brush, may be in a couple of sizes. How is that a brush used in the lounge I hear you ask? If you have young children, or come to think of it teenagers too, you will be well aware that hand prints on the wall don’t always wipe off, so a quick touch up is often needed. Did I get away with that one? If you can think of a brush that might be used in the lounge let me know and I’ll put it in here, in fact the more obscure the better!

Brushware Wholesale and Trade Suppliers, Birmingham

AE Southgate is a trade and wholesale supplier of brushware, tell us what you need and we’ll see what we can do. How about downloading our catalogue? Fill out the form on the front page and well send you a PDF copy and you can see just some of our range, and I guarantee you’ll say ‘I never knew that existed’ at least once.