Brush Ware and Beyond

The term ‘brush ware’ tends to be very wide ranging. It covers everything from janitorial supplies like brooms and scrubbing brushes to brushes for more leisurely pursuits like watercolour painting. As one of the UK’s largest brushware suppliers, A. E. Southgate Limited have an enormous selection of brushes for household and trade use.

Our collection of artists brushes covers everything from those used by pre-schoolers to fine art painters, with all budgets catered for. Tradesman are not neglected either as our decorator’s brushes, tools and sundries come in different ranges to suit everyone from the occasional user through to more seasoned professionals, all at very competitive prices!

Whether you are having a clean-up, undertaking some decorating or creating a master piece, we have a brush for that. We’ve been in business for over 90 years, so contact us with any queries you have around brushes or the brush ware industry and you can rest assured we will do our best to help.

Call A. E Southgate of Coleshill, Birmingham today on 01675 463096 or alternatively, just download our free catalogue HERE.