Brush Supplies, Birmingham

Brush supplies from AE Southgate, Birmingham

Looking for brush supplies in the Birmingham area? AE Southgate Ltd are specialists in trade and wholesale brush supplies with an unequalled range of brush ware for both commercial and domestic cleaning, painters, decorators and artists.

Our Birmingham warehouse is filled to the brim with brushes of every conceivable type, whether you are looking for a brush to do the washing up or paint a masterpiece, our brush supplies have it covered. Who are our typical customers? We don’t actually have a typical customer, you may be a commercial cleaning company, a decorating contractor, an art school or a hardware store, whatever type of business you run, chances are we supply products that you need.

More than just brush supplies

We don’t just stock brush supplies either. We carry a range of associated products too, such as paint rollers, decorators sundries such as abrasives, various adhesive tapes and an array of janitorial supplies. Orders are generally dispatched within two days, plus there is a next delivery service available for those emergency situations.

See the full range of brush supplies and more.

brush suppliesIf you are out and about in the Birmingham area then feel free to drop in and have a look at our full range of products. With over ninety years in the trade we think you’ll find that our knowledge and levels of customer service are second to none. Can’t make it to our warehouse? No problem, you can always just download our brush supplies catalogue and call us today to see how AE Southgate can provide all your brush supplies.