Brush Suppliers, Birmingham

Brushes come in all shapes and sizes, that’s for sure. In fact, if you run a business in Birmingham or beyond, it’s highly likely that you or your staff will either sell or indeed utilise a brush of some description during the working day. Additionally, for those engaged in retail brush supply, with all the brush suppliers out there, how do you select the one that is going to advise you correctly and be your long term business partner?

Specialist Brush Suppliers

Well, AE Southgate in Birmingham are specialist brush suppliers, and have been for over 80 years. We stock an incredibly wide array of brushes ranging from washing up brushes to decorators painting brushes.
When you look at the average household it becomes very apparent that brushes appear with great frequency throughout. Hair brushes, make-up brushes, brushes to clean nails, pots and pans, bottles, potatoes, and even for mushrooms!

When it comes to janitorial brush ware, the list gets longer still, the ubiquitous dust pan and brush, jamb dusters, scrubbing brushes and when you add to that the many different types of broom for use indoors and out, our expert advice is second to none.

And then there are Tradesman and DIY’ers…

Decorators paint brushes come in so many sizes and bristle types that we could devote many pages to them alone and when we add in our range of brushes for artists and hobbyist it’s easy to see how brush suppliers can help both consumers and retailers alike make the right selection.

Wholesale Brush Suppliers, Birmingham

AE Southgate are very proud to be trade and wholesale brush suppliers based in Birmingham. We can assist you in your purchasing decisions. Whether you are in the trade or sell to retail, we’ll help you to choose the right balance of quality and price for your particular needs.

So how about downloading our catalogue? Well, can do that HERE, or, if you prefer, you can call us on 01675 463096 and we will be delighted to help you.