Brooms and Brushware

AE Southgate supply a wide range of brooms and brush ware for trade and wholesale.

Wholesale and Trade Brooms

Broom heads and handles of all descriptions. 11” Varnished stocks with 23.5mm screw thread socket available in a choice of bristle types including coco, bas sine and soft or stiff synthetic. Our plain white stocks are available in 10” and 12’ widths with coco, black fibre, bassine or soft mix bristles. Prefer a push fit handle socket? We have 10” or 12” cox, bassine or black fibre bristle heads in stock, the 23.5mm socket can be fitted with 48” x 15/16” handles.

Our platform brooms come in 18”, 24” and 36” widths with a choice of SEVEN bristle types – coco, bassine, black fibre, coco and bassine mix, soft mixture, green PVC or bahia mixture. Galvanised broom supports stays are available for all these widths.

Moving on to yard and scavenger brooms there is a choice of round or flat top broom heads. Round top brooms are available in 10”, 10 1/2”, 12” and 13” widths with bassine and cane, BVS semi-stiff synthetic, bassine or synthetic bristles. Flat brooms come in 10”, 11 1/2”, 12” and 13” widths. Bristle types are bassine and cane mix or green PVC. 10” to 12” heads come with a 23.5mm push handle socket, while the 13” heads carry a 28mm socket.

Brush Ware

We keep large stocks of brushware, with just about every type of brush you can think of, and also some you can’t! Dust pan and brush sets, banister brushes, bottle brushes and nail brushes to name but a few.

wholesale brooms and brush wareTo see our full range of brush ware download our brush ware catalogue.