Birmingham Art Supplies

We believe that AE Southgate Ltd is THE place for wholesale art supplies in Birmingham.
Whatever the particular type of artists brush you need, be it long or short handled ones or perhaps natural or synthetic bristles, you can rest assured that it will be available from our extensive range of art supplies for Birmingham.

Whether you are looking for the finest brushes money can buy or if you are governed by budget we can assist you in finding the perfect balance of quality and price.

Our natural fibre range will delight the purist, whilst our synthetic range of brushes will also raise a few eyebrows, with feel and quality delivered at a great price.

A range of art supplies can only be considered complete if it caters for all the various mediums in use by today’s artist, so that’s why we stock stiff and soft bristle brushes in both natural and synthetic fibres. In short, we have a brush to suit any type of paint and any style of application, whether you are looking for a soft brush that holds a precise point for fine detail or something wider and coarser for those flowing, swirling strokes that evoke the feel of movement and bring your canvas alive

So there it is, art supplies from AE Southgate have it covered! We have been supplying wholesale art supplies for over 90 years, isn’t it time you had the benefit of our experience?

Call us today on 01675 463096 to arrange a visit where you can see everything we have to offer first hand or alternatively, just download our free  catalogue HERE.