Artists Supplies from AE Southgate, Birmingham

If your business is looking for trade or wholesale artists supplies in Birmingham then look no further than AE Southgate Ltd.

Artists Supplies in Coleshill

Situated in the Coleshill area of Sutton Coldfield, we have over 90 years experience in the provision of brush ware and artists supplies. We stock a range of artists brushes, with either natural or synthetic bristles, each available in a large range of sizes, shapes, flexibility and material to cover all painting styles and mediums.

The latest synthetic brushes offer a fantastic alternative to traditional natural bristle brushes and can be more than simply a budget alternative. With so many different types available you can be sure to find exactly what you are looking for in terms of loading capabilities, stiffness and handle length.

So whether you are looking for ultra soft pure sable for water-colour or coarse hair for the challenges of oil painting, AE Southgate have got it covered.

Artists Supplies Showroom

Simply put, when it comes to artists brushes it takes more than words to truly describe the quality of the product, so why not take the time to come and see for yourself? Our showroom in Coleshill allows you to get a proper feeling for the brushes before you purchase, and of course you can take them away with you the same day.

Alternatively, download our free catalogue HERE or call us today on 01675 463096 to see how AE Southgate can provide all your artists supplies and we will be delighted to help.