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When looking for artist supplies in Birmingham the first thing to consider is the kind of artist brushes you need. Paint brushes can be made from different types of hair, natural or synthetic, stiff or soft and the kind you choose is effected by the paint you use and the effect you want to create with it. If cost is your deciding factor then synthetic brushes are an obvious choice.

Whilst there are a lot of people who will tell you that synthetic brushes can never compare to their natural counterparts, they are none the less substantially cheaper and contrary to the opinion of many purists, modern synthetic brushes can be of a very high  quality indeed.
The choice between stiff and soft hair brushes, which are available in both natural and synthetic forms, is purely dependent on the paint being used. A soft hair brush is best used with thinner, easy flowing paints like watercolors. A soft brush will form a precise sharp point when wet, allowing for fine detail work. The coarser stiff hair brushes are great for working in thicker paints,  dabbing and swirling in broad brush strokes,  adding character and texture to your creations.

The choice of fibres and brush styles available today is quite overwhelming, your local Birmingham artist supplies shop will assist you in your choice. We have only touched on bristle type in this article, there are many other important factors, such as the brushes loading ability, handle length and the range of natural hair types and their individual pro’s and cons.
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