Natural or Acrylic Brushes for Decorating?

Choosing the right paint brush for each decorating job can have a marked effect on the quality of finish that you achieve.

Whether you go for a synthetic or natural bristle brush, it’s worth bearing in mind that the quality of each brush can vary immensely, therefore always go for the best you can afford, there are exceptions to rule but in general you get what you pay for!

Synthetic bristles are not very absorbent and the premimium ones tend to have a very fine tip. These factors make them ideal for use with water based paints like emulsion or the latest water based undercoat and gloss paints. The quick drying properties of these water based paints make achieving a finish free of brush strokes very difficult when using a natural bristled brush

Quality levels in both types of filaments can vary hugely and therefore levels of finish can differ depending on what type of brushes you purchase.

Synthetic filaments do not absorb much water and can be processed to create a very finely-tipped paint brush. This makes them particularly suitable for use with water-based paints such as emulsion or modern water-based undercoats or gloss paint. These paints dry quickly making it difficult to avoid brush marks in the finish when using a brush with natural bristles.

That said the opposite is true when working with traditional oil based paints. So if you are looking for a general rule then it’s synthetic for water based paints and natural for oil based. Some paintbrushes have a mixture of filament types making them reasonable allrounders.

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