Wholesale Art Supplies for Birmingham

Here, at A. E. Southgate Limited of Coleshill we would like to invite all local artists to visit us to see what we offer in our range of wholesale art supplies. With a dizzying array of variations in handle length, material and bristle type, finding the right combination to suit your choice of medium and personal preference is a breeze when you can talk to our experts.

From natural fibres like red sable to synthetic bristles, we stock stiff bristle brushes, soft bristle brushes and everything in between. Whatever your choice of medium and style of application we can find the brushes that ‘fit’ you perfectly.

Whether you are looking for the finest brushes available or too just to get the job done at the lowest possible price you’ll find the quality and value for money impossible to beat.
With 90 years’ experience in the supply of artist brushes you can rest assured that we have the answers for all your questions. Call us today on 01675 463096 or alternatively, just download our free catalogue HERE.

We’d love to hear from you!